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Market Sales Manager, Walmart

I highly respect the PCR team as the professionals that they are. They actively involved me during the entire process. From viewing candidates on hire view, to tossing around suggestions and ideas; I felt like every decision was made collaboratively. My struggle became their struggle. They personally invested time and effort into helping me fill positions in some of the most remote places in Kansas and Missouri. I cannot sing their praises enough. I am grateful for all that they have done for me.”

Market Sales Manager, Walmart

You have been relentless in helping me to get my open positions filled.
You always go above and beyond and keep at it day and night to get the positions filled.
You are always available when I have questions and immediately get to work if I need anything.
I appreciate all the effort you put forth to help me especially as my market is very hard to fill due to either demographics, remote locations or pay rate and yet you always come thru.
You and your team have been life savers.
I appreciate all that you and the entire PCR team have done for me and our company.
Thank You.

Talent Acquisition Leader, National Merchandising Company

Ashley and her team brought along good expertise that involved targeting the right candidates through use of candidate assessment and great customer service. The feedback and results were phenomenal compared to our previous recruitment strategy. It is through the use of their sourcing services and recruiting strategy that Anderson has been able to fill in multiple jobs across the United States.

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